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IF YOU'VE ALREADY PLEDGED ON THE KICKSTARTER, EVEN FOR $1, DO NOT LATE PLEDGE HERE. We will send you a pledge manager link when the pledge manager goes live. All late pledges come with the same promos as regular pledges. You will receive an email with your pledge manager link once the pledge manager goes live where you can enter your mailing address, add optional items (or even multiple pledges) and pay for shipping. If you want more than one copy of Household please back once here, and you will be able to increase your order in our pledge manager at a later date. Note that, in compliance to the EU and UK laws, VAT will also be charged on the pledge manager system for EU and UK backers. At this time we cannot estimate the cost as the charges vary from country to country and it is based on the total price of the order plus the actual shipping costs (which can only be properly determined once the pledge manager opens). However, rest assured that the full VAT to be charged on each pledge will be clearly displayed in the pledge manager system before final confirmation. European countries that are not part of the European Union or UK will not be charged VAT. 

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Two more Jokers!
3 months ago – Mon, Jul 04, 2022 at 02:54:36 AM

Dearest Littlings,

We hope this update finds you well. We are working hard as usual to bring Household to life, and we are eager to show you a little something!

As you probably remember, last week we revealed two Jokers made by our Daniela Giubellini.

Today we have two more: Verana of Viletia and Herasmo himself.

Verana, Dogaressa of Viletia

The Skullrider Verana of Viletia earned the title of “Most Splendid” not only because she is the leader of a city with the same title, but above all, because of her beauty. The blonde Salamander is notoriously charismatic, and she is constantly competing with Arcadia Oberonovna for the “coveted title” of most beautiful woman in the House.

Herasmo J. Hemingway

Author and narrator of Household. In his youth, this Boggart traveled far and wide in the House, gathering the stories of all littlings he met, and later decided to collect his memoirs in this precious book. Who, better than Herasmo, can say to have really lived on their skin the History of the House?

We hope you are as happy as we are with the final result. Daniela surely went the extra mile to turn this beloved characters into joyful jokers!

We still need a little more time to set up the Pledge Manager, but we are working to open it as soon as possible. In the meantime, the Late Pledges are already open, so if you have a friend that missed the campaign, that's their chance.

Until next time, Littlings!

We just drew a couple of Jokers!
3 months ago – Sat, Jun 25, 2022 at 06:15:15 AM

Dearest Littlings,

A couple of weeks have passed since our last update, how times fly! In the meantime, we've been working on Household like busy bees, and there's a little something we want to show you.

First of all let us thank you one more time for the amazing support shown during the campaign. We've been (and we still are) humbled by your love for Household and by your incredible energy.

Thanks to you all, and with a tiny-mini-little help from our beloved Tsarina Arcadia, we've unlocked ALL of Stretch Goals. 

... And speaking of Stretch Goals, do you remember the 4 Jokers you voted for during the campaign?

Well, Daniela has been working very hard to make them extra special. But please don't take our word and check yourselves! Two of them are already here :D 

General Valentine Du Lampe

General of the X Legio Europa Bellatrix, Valentine Du Lampe repeatedly proved herself on the battlefield as an expert scissor wielder and a cunning strategist. Her plans played a pivotal role in the end of the First Household War. It is no coincidence that her legion is always deployed in the most dangerous places of the House.

Marquis of the Piano Tristan des Larmes

Tristan des Larmes is a handsome and unsettling littling who never fails to make his guests uncomfortable with one look. His deep dark eyes and jet-black hair have earned him the name of "the Dark Fairy". Not the most original of monikers, if I may.

It is more or less an open secret in the Piano that he is actually a Sluagh, who was adopted during the Basement campaign.

Well, what do you thing of these two amazing artworks? Daniela Giubellini never ceases to impress us, and we can't wait to show you the other Jokers she's making right now!

And that's it for today!

Please remember that the Pledge Manager will open as soon as possible and it'll give you a chance to upgrade your Pledge or add optional buys. In the meantime, the Late Pledges are already open, so if you have a friend that missed the campaign, that's their chance!

Until next time, Littlings!

A Grand Finale! Thank You!
4 months ago – Sat, Jun 04, 2022 at 12:51:03 PM

Dearest Littlings,

You've done it! Together we have reached the end of the campaign, and what a campaign it was! We achieved this record-setting mark thanks to your support and enthusiasm!

You’ve surely earned the approval and gratitude of your beloved Tsarina Arcadia Oberonovna, Ruling Empress of the House, here depicted with her pet bumblebee.

We came very close to unlocking the final stretch goal, but her Majesty, in her benevolence, ordered the reward to be unlocked:

There may be nothing more to unlock, but there’s still a whole House full of secrets and mysteries to discover. Our adventure has just begun!

Words cannot begin to describe how grateful we are for your unbelievable support and excitement. We couldn’t hope or dream for a better group of littlings to share this last few weeks with. It will be our honor to give you the Key to this wonderful world of ours, and to welcome you all to this big House full of little stories. Thank you for being here, from the bottom of our hearts.

Well, the campaign is over, so what’s the next step?

We’ll use your pledge information to populate an account on our Pledge Manager, and when that’s complete we’ll send you a link at the email address you have registered on Kickstarter. On the pledge manager, you will be able to specify which items you want, pay for additional items and also for shipping. In case you have any trouble processing your payment at the end of the campaign, please visit the Kickstarter’s FAQ Page. We reproduce here the pertinent section:


A project I’m backing just succeeded and my card was declined. What do I do?

If your pledge was declined, just log in to Kickstarter and click the “Fix payment” button in the banner at the top of your screen. This will guide you through the process of changing your payment method. We’ll also send you an email every 48 hours with a direct link to correct the issue. Don’t delay, however: backers have 7 days to resolve payment issues before they are dropped from the project. Here are things to look into:

1. Check that you entered a valid credit card number and the correct expiration date. Make sure the card hasn’t expired.

2. Confirm that your billing address and phone number are correct.

3. Make sure you haven’t exceeded the credit limit on your card. If everything checks out, it’s possible your bank put a hold on the charge. Please contact your bank to authorize the pledge. Once you’ve cleared up any issues with your bank or card, you’ll still need to follow the “Fix Payment” link to retry your pledge.

And now, a quick announcement from CMON, our parent company:

What's next for CMON? Join us on Youtube or Facebook for a livestream tomorrow, June 2nd, noon EST, and learn firsthand about CMON's next project hitting Kickstarter! What adventures will we be living together next?

Until next time, Littlings!

Let's wrap this up, Littlings!
4 months ago – Fri, Jun 03, 2022 at 05:31:06 AM

Dearest Littlings,

This is it! The final 2 hours of the campaign and we just reached the $440,000 mark and unlocked the Highlight city map:

It seems like this journey is really coming to an end, and what an adventure it was! More than 3,500 of you, our little friends, helped us reach this unbelievable success. This result is nothing but impressive for us, and it truly exceeds any expectations. But we still have some time ahead of us, so before we say goodbye - at least for a little while - here’s one final mission for us all. One final adventure to live together: one final Stretch Goal to remember us of that we’ve shared together.

When we reach $460,000, we'll unlock the Kickstarter Exclusive Addendum box for backers with a Mouse Rider pledge. This box is designed to store all your physical stretch goals in a nice storage solution.

Can we make it happen, Littlings? Let's do it!

Until next time, Littlings!

🎵 We're gonna swing from the Chandelier, the Chandelier 🎵
4 months ago – Fri, Jun 03, 2022 at 05:29:46 AM

Dearest Littlings,

As we enter the last hours of the campaign, we passed the $430,000 mark and unlocked Mey Sòng:

But we're not done yet - there are still some hours left ahead of us. Shall we try and reach for one more? What do you say, littlings?

When we reach $440,000, we'll unlock the Kickstarter Exclusive map of Highlight for backers with a Mouse Rider pledge. This map will be printed on the back of the Astraviya map you're already getting in your Mouse Rider pledge.

Additionally, all backers will get the Highlight map added to their Practical Guide to Living Inside the House (PDF and/or physical copy).

The Highlight district is the most important and exclusive part of Astraviya. It is located on top of the Chandelier, or more properly, it IS the Chandelier. Only on-duty Golden Backs and very few people at court are allowed to fly up to the heart of the Realm, anybody else would be swiftly taken down.

As such, the majority of visitors have to turn to one of the most peculiar and sublime means of transportation in the House: a bubble.

Until next time, Littlings!